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Other Instruments

Library preparation & preparation for sequencing

Blue Pippin – Sage Science

The Blue Pippin is an automated gel extraction system with a pulse field function. It can be used to extract a certain size range or to remove fragments smaller than a defined cut off. The size range for fragment recovery ranges from 100 bp to 50 kb.

Chromium controller - 10x Genomics

The 10x Chromium controller is a microfluidics device optimized for single cell transcriptomics, immuno-profiling and cell surface protein characterization (CITEseq). Individual labeling of single cells is achieved by "Gel bead in Emulsion" (GEM) - technology. This means, each cell is encapsulated in a droplet together with a GEM (gel bead). That GEM contains everything necessary for the following cDNA synthesis including an individual barcode, that is attached to every cDNA fragment originating from that gel bead. Thus, it is possible to prepare a “pooled” library from all individually labelled fragments and still be able to track their origin back to one cell.

ScicloneG3 – Perkin Elmer

The Sciclone G3 is a highly flexible, (ultra) high throughput liquid handling workstation that is configured for NGS solutions in our lab.

NGS Express – Perkin Elmer

The NGS express liquid handling workstation is optimized for medium throughput library preparation and normalization.

Zephyr G3 NGS – Perkin Elmer

The Zephyr G3 NGS is a high throughput liquid handling workstation that can be used for library prep, normalization and pooling of samples.

Covaris E220 and Covaris S2 – Covaris

The Covaris instruments allow for (unbiased) DNA shearing with ultrasonication in variable throughputs.

Diagenode Megaruptor

The Diagenode Megaruptor allows for precise shearing of DNA for long read sequencing projects.

Quality control

Femto pulse – Agilent

The Femto pulse is a (pulse field) capillary electrophoresis device which allows quality and quantity assessment in high throughput for DNA and RNA. We have one Femto pulse for entry QC and library QC, especially for ultra low input samples (0,05 ng/µl detectable) and high molecular weight applications. The Femto pulse can assess genomic DNA up to a size range > 165 kb with great resolution and helps to assess the ideal sequencing parameters for PacBio libraries.

TapeStation 4200 – Agilent

The TapeStation is a capillary electrophoresis device which allows quality and quantity assessment in high throughput for DNA and RNA. We have two TapeStation 4200 for entry QC and library QC. The TapeStation can assess genomic DNA up to a size range > 60 kb but is not able to resolve the sizes at a high resolution.

LabChip Gx Touch HT – Perkin Elmer

The LabChip GX Touch HT is also a capillary electrophoresis device with a higher sensitivity and higher throughput than the TapeStation. The LabChip is available for DNA and RNA and is especially suited for FFPE samples or cell free DNA.

VICTOR Nivo Multimode Microplate Reader – Perkin Elmer

The VICTOR Nivo is a plate reader with a broad spectrum of filters to allow for many different detection methods. We use it mainly for high throughput fluorescence-based quantification of dsDNA and RNA.

Qubit 3 Fluorometer - Invitrogen

The Qubit is an easy to use, low throughput fluorescence-based quantification device, which can be used for DNA and RNA quantification.

NanoDrop 2000c UV-Vis Spectrophotometer – Thermo Scientific

We use the Nanodrop to assess the purity of DNA and RNA samples, especially for PacBio sequencing. Unless the DNA/RNA is ultra-clean, the Nanodrop is not suited for accurate quantification.


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