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Ordering and processing

If you are interested in sequencing with us: please log in to our ordering tool.

If you haven't signed up yet, please register for an account. You will get an e-mail to confirm you e-mail-address (see tutorial video here).

When you are logged on, you can place a new request, see all your placed requests and modify your account (change passwords and addresses etc.). You will also be able to see our prices and the remaining tutorial videos.

Creating a new request

To create a new request, you will be guided through a process of questions and choices. Some of them are optional, some are required. Very important: a request is not a formal order, it is the basis for us to get information on the project and write an offer for you. In case you are not sure what to enter in some of the optional fields, we will suggest settings or contact you to discuss possible options. To make this process as fast as possible, please fill the description field thoroughly.

As soon as you have created the request and entered the addresses for shipping (we will send barcoded tubes to you before sample submission), invoicing and for the data recipient, you can submit the request and we will contact you with a quote or with questions to optimize the setup and to prepare a quote.

Placing an order

As soon as you accepted the quote, we will import the data into our laboratory management system (LIMS) and you will get barcoded tubes. Please use those tubes to send us your samples/libraries together with some required information like concentration, barcodes used, required sequencing primers etc. Then, you will also get a form that you will need to sign, which actually places the order. Shipment information can be found here.


As soon as we have received the samples, we will start processing them. We will run quality control and will contact you, if several samples are out of the specified sample requirements. If everything is okay, we will proceed with library preparation or sequencing. The turn around time depends on the work load, the protocol for library prep, the number of samples and the sequencer in your request. You will get fastq files from us unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.


Mar. 03, 2022
5th DFG Sequencing Call now open ...

Mar. 03, 2022
limited capacities ...

Mar. 02, 2021
4th DFG Sequencing Call now open ...

Feb. 11, 2021
Temporary stop for new projects until end of March ...

Feb. 11, 2021
CCGA is sequencing SARS-Cov2 strains ...

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