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Please direct all general inqueries to:


Sören Franzenburg

Who am I: Sören is the head of the IKMB NGS platform and responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the facility.
Areas of expertise: general questions, experimental design and all things "NGS".

Contact: | +49 (0)431 - 500 15160


Janina Fuß

Who am I: Janina is a project manager for the CCGA , your main contact for project-related questions and planning.
Areas of expertise: long-read sequencing, RNA-seq and general questions about NGS.

Contact: | +49 (0)431 - 500 15130


Michael Forster

Who am I: Michael is a liaison scientist for the CCGA and your main contact for cancer projects.
Areas of expertise: cancer sequencing, cell-free DNA, FFPE samples, NGS-based diagnostics.

Contact: | +49 (0)431 - 500 15136


Montserrat Torres Oliva

Who am I: Montse is a liason scientist for the CCGA and part of the IKMB bioinformatics platform.
Areas of expertise: de-novo genome sequencing and annotation, genome resequencing, comparative genomics.

Contact: | +49 (0)431 - 500 15295

Management board

Philip Rosenstiel
Andre Franke


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Mar. 28, 2024
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Feb. 05, 2024
New data storage policy ...

Nov. 28, 2023
Christmas break 22.12.2023 - 2.1.2024 ...

Sep. 28, 2023
Access to IKMB by car restricted! ...

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